‘When do they go back to school again?’ ask millions of parents

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Parents across the UK have politely asked today when it might be that their children can go back to school again as the annual school holidays begin to take their toll.

With millions of children breaking up for the summer to spend at least SIX weeks at home in the house, parents everywhere have already started asking if it’s almost time to go back yet? Please! 

Father of three Simon Williams told us, “It must be soon right? When do they go back again?

“Is it next week? It’s got to be next week, it feels like they have been off for weeks, I’m going out of my pissing mind here.

“Look I really love my children, and like to spend some time with them and it’s great that they have some holidays, but six whole weeks? Really? Is that actually necessary?

“I mean surely a couple of weeks off would suffice, before they head back into school just as they are getting right on your frigging nerves, moping around the house and telling you they are bored.

“Or suggesting stupid things to do when you are supposed to be working from home, and can’t afford anything anyway because everything is a massive fucking rip off.

“To be honest, I’m just counting down the days until the holidays are finally over and I can get some bloody peace and quiet.

Asked when his children broke up for the summer he told us, “Tuesday.”