McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’ to be re-named ‘Skint and Miserable Meal’

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Mcdonald’s Happy Meals are set to be re-named McDonald’s Skint and Miserable Meals it has been revealed today.

With news emerging that the restaurant is to increase the cost of cheeseburgers, along with a number of other items due to rising costs of fuel and ingredients, bosses at the company have decided to re-name its famous ‘happy meal’ to fit with the general mood of its customers. 

A spokesperson for the company confirmed, “There’s nothing happy about them anymore.

“They are just going to get dearer and dearer I’m afraid, and the toys will be utter wank, even worse than they are now, which I know you are struggling to imagine.

“We have decided to change the name of the famous Mcdonald’s Happy Meal to match our customers’ feelings, expectations and general mood as everything in the whole fucking world gets more expensive and miserable.

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“That’s why we have decided to call the meal the McDonalds This is Shit and Overpriced and I Can’t Afford Anything Anymore and It’s Making Me Fucking Depressed Meal.

“Or the McDonalds Skint and Miserable Meal for short.

“We will also be amending the name of several other items on the menu to continue to capture the public feeling throughout the cost of living crisis.

Asked what the next change might be we were told “The McFlurry will be called the McFuckoff And Leave Me Alone.”

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