Kate McCann praised for quick-thinking actions to prevent another Tory leadership ‘debate’

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TalkTV debate host Kate McCann has been widely praised for selflessly collapsing in the studio and therefore preventing another Tory leadership ‘debate’ being inflicted on the public.

There had been a failure, earlier in the day, to cancel the debate and just have the leadership decided by getting the two candidates to arm-wrestle for it.

It seemed inevitable that the British public would be forced to endure another tedious spectacle of Rishi Sunak saying ‘actually’ several thousand times while Liz Truss pretended to be a human being, but happily, Kate McCann’s quick thinking saved the day.

“I was listening to Rishi Sunak shouting ‘inflation’ as Liz Truss attempted to remember how words worked and I just knew I had to do something,” she explained afterwards.

“I initially thought about just setting fire to the studio. The loss of life would have been considerable, but probably worth it.

“But, then it just occurred to me that I could simply collapse. There was no way the debate could continue if I were in a heap on the floor, so that’s just what I did. I banged my knee a bit, but that was a small sacrifice to make.”

Rishi Sunak tried to prevent Ms McCann from collapsing by interrupting her, but it was too late and the debate had to be cancelled.

The next Tory leadership debate is set to take place on Sky News on 4th August and there are already calls for Kate McCann to collapse in the studio, preferable just before the pair of them say anything at all.