Rishi Sunak faces several days of detention for ‘interrupting and rudeness’

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Rishi Sunak’s leadership campaign was thrown into confusion after it was announced that he faces several days of detention following the ‘debate’ on Monday evening.

Winchester College had granted Sunak a year out of school before his A-levels to run for Prime Minister, provided his behaviour didn’t reflect poorly on the school.

During last night’s debate, his constant interrupting of Foreign Secretary and genuine human being Liz Truss was deemed to have broken those conditions, and he has been recalled to his school to serve several days’ detention for ‘interrupting and rudeness’.

Throughout the evening Mr Sunak sought to interrupt Ms Truss. It started during the introductions when Ms Truss was unable to say “Good Evening” without Sunak saying “actually Liz, I think you’ll find it’s Good Night.”

Similarly, at the end of the debate. Truss was unable to thank the audience and host because Sunak kept interrupting to say “actually, I thank you all a bit more than Liz does.”

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It is also understood that when she got home that evening, husband Hugh O’Leary asked how the debate went, before she could answer, Sunak appeared to explain that, actually, she’d been quite disappointing and he’d been loads better.

Mr Sunak has had to return to Winchester College where he will spend the rest of the week in detention.

When told of the College’s decision, Sunak is said to have exclaimed “Oh, God, that is so unfair. I hate them,” but when threatened with being stripped of his position of Head Boy, he calmed down and accepted the punishment.

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