Warhammer 40k player hasn’t noticed fuel price increase because paying £100 for a tank is perfectly normal for him

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Local Warhammer enthusiast Simon Williams is so used to paying £100 for a tank that he hasn’t noticed the price of petrol has increased recently.

Simon, who has a collection of small plastic war machines which cost more than his car, can’t understand what all the fuss is about.

“I said to Simon the other day that a tank had cost me more than a hundred pounds and he said that’s nothing and I should try buying a Warlord Titan,” one of his friends told us.

“When I said a meant a tank of petrol, he told me that he isn’t into all the Mechanicus stuff.

“It’s like we’re talking a different language. Three figures for a tank and he shrugged and he said that sounds like an average Saturday afternoon.

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“I tried saying it was costing me more than I could afford to fill up in order to go to work, but he just agreed and said getting a full army list is a pricey business.”

When told their players were having to decide between their hobby and buying fuel for their cars, a spokesman for Games Workshop said that was outrageous as if they were doing their jobs right none of their customers should be able to afford a car.

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