Liz Truss: I will send more migrants to the East African nation of Nando’s

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Foreign Secretary and wannabe Prime Minister Liz Truss is fully supportive of what she appears to think is Priti Patel’s scheme to send migrants to Nando’s.

Words have been coming out of Liz Truss again.

In an exclusive interview with the Mail on Sunday, she stated her support for the controversial scheme to send migrants to Rwanda. Or Nando’s, as Ms Truss seems to think it is.

“My geography is generally superb,” said the Foreign Secretary. “However, I’ll admit that East Africa isn’t my strongest subject and I’ve never actually been to this Nando’s place.

“That said, from what I understand, it’s the perfect place to send migrants.

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“They can get a job there – waiting tables, adding syrup to the soft drinks machine, as a sommelier… Or whatever else they need – like I say, I’ve never actually been there myself.

“Some people have criticised the fact that it’s cost £120 million to send just 200 people there, but you have to remember that we’ll soon make that back in free refills.

“One little tweak I might make is that I don’t think we should be flying people there. The Nando’s in Covent Garden is easily accessible by tube or bus. In fact, I’m not even sure where you’d land a plane. The Strand, I suppose.

“Anyway, what I’m saying is, when I’m Prime Minister you can expect even more migrants to be sent to Nando’s branches all over the country.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said, “Sending migrants to Nando’s is actually a brilliant idea – I’ve been trying to find a solution to all those dead bodies piling up on the beach.”