Contestants for Eurovision 2023 set off now to allow time to get through Dover traffic after entering UK

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Those European acts hoping to compete in next year’s Eurovision song contest have today set off from their respective home nations in a bid to miss the worst of the traffic on the M20 when they get here.

With the announcement just hours ago that the UK will host next year’s song contest, hopefuls for next year’s competition are taking no chances of missing the glittering event and have reportedly piled into cars, grabbing only their burgundy passports and enough water, rations and clothing to last them several months.

Alijca Villiamsky, who is hoping to represent Poland in 2023, told us, “Regardless which British city the contest will be held in, for those of us travelling by car the journey will involve going through either Dover or Folkestone and then having to brave the M20.

“So we thought it best to set off now, even though we don’t know for sure whether we’ll even actually qualify to take part in the contest.”

She went on, “But even if we don’t end up competing, it will still be very interesting to visit the UK and witness first hand just how much ‘winning’ they have done since leaving the EU and ‘taking back control’.

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“I expect we’ll learn a lot.”