Brexiters left stunned after France demonstrates easy control of their own border despite being in EU

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Leave voters were left reeling this morning after learning that France had somehow managed to secure their own borders whilst still being part of the European Union.

France have been accused of making it difficult to get into France for the summer holidays, despite being part of an EU organisation which makes it impossible to properly secure your own borders.

Simon Williams, from Dover, was stunned by the news that France was choosing to check the passports of everyone coming into their country, “They… they just can’t DO that!” he stuttered, turning a new and deeper hue of gammon.

“Nigel Farage told us that being in the EU meant we couldn’t control our own borders and yet France countries is part of the EU, and have only gone and bloody controlled their own borders – just like THAT!

“Surely that wasn’t all a lie to get us to vote for an economically catastrophic break from our largest trading partner just to line the pockets of disaster capitalists like him… was it?”

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One French citizen, Christophe James, told us – after he had stopped laughing – “Oui, it turned out to be remarkably easy to control our border. We just, you know, said ‘Let’s shut the border and check the passport of anyone coming in’ and within a few hours the restrictions were in place.

“After all, what does Britain have to offer us at the moment apart from lengthy delays at the border crossing and a heavy drinking tourists?”

According to reports in the French media, a number of builders were seen this morning bricking up the Channel Tunnel from the Calais end.