Experts believe Liz Truss could become sentient in matter of years

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The scientific community was left reeling after a group of experts suggested that Liz Truss could become sentient in less than ten years.

The former Foreign Secretary has been able to mimic human responses for some time now and occasionally convincingly give the impression that she is perceiving and feeling things like a human being.

“I think everyone thought that’s all she would ever be able to do,” said Doctor Simon Williams an expert in artificial intelligence.

“She can nod, appear to listen, give a number of reasonable responses to certain prompts, but there’s no intelligence there. Certainly nothing that you would consider qualifies as sentient.”

However, despite Dr Williams incredulity, there is an increasing opinion that Liz Truss is learning and developing.

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“I think that if you look back at that time at the conference when she just started shouting about cheese. That was clearly not the work of a sentient organism,” said Eleanor Gay, who has been studying Liz Truss for some years now.

“Compare that to the recent leadership debates. I’m not suggesting that there was intelligence at work, obviously not, but the words that came out of Truss’s mouth were correctly formed and in the right order. That’s a huge leap forward from the cheese rant. Trust me, Liz Truss is learning. If she continues at this rate, she could be conceivably by described as sentient by as early as 2030.”

Opinion is divided on what would happened should Liz Truss actually become sentient. 

“It really depends on whether she develops empathy or not,” continued Dr Gay.

“If she does then she could become a useful member of society. If not then she can look forward to a long and successful career in the Tory party.”