I’m not trying to be like Thatcher, insists Liz Truss in her best Thatcher outfit with her best Thatcher voice

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Tory leadership hopeful Liz Truss has taken to the airwaves today to dispel accusations that she is trying to emulate Margaret Thatcher.

Speaking to Nick Robinson on the Today programme, she was presented with the claim that she is trying to be like the first female Prime Minister in order to become the third, a claim which she vehemently denied, after taking nine and a half minutes to process and fully comprehend the question. 

“Aside from wearing identical clothes and trying to speak slowly, more deeply and more clearly like she did, I am in no way trying to emulate Margaret Thatcher,” she insisted, wearing identical clothes and trying to speak slowly and clearly like Margaret Thatcher.

“I am a woman in my own right, with my own political opinions and plans, which I am willing to change on a whim, which Thatcher certainly wouldn’t have, would she?”

She went on, “I was in the Lib Dems while I was at Uni, was a fervent anti-monarchist, and then campaigned to Remain in the 2016 referendum, and yet now I have bravely done a U-turn on all of those things to further my own career.

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“And when it comes to bombing Argentinean ships, Maggie would have been straight in there, but I’m going to wait until I’ve found out what the Daily Mail readers would want me to do first.”

Beaming proudly and yet somehow still vacantly, she thanked Nick Robinson for having her on the show, before snatching some milk from the fridge in the kitchen on the way out.

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