Euromillions winner to buy entire family a full tank of petrol

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A record-breaking Euromillions lottery winner has announced he is finally wealthy enough to treat his entire family to a tank of petrol.

Simon Williams, 55, said that the £195m win hadn’t really sunk in yet, but that he’d already been on the phone to his relatives to explain how they would also get to enjoy his good fortune.

Williams told us, “Obviously I feel like the luckiest man alive, but getting to do this for my family is just an amazing feeling. It’s the sort of phone call people only ever dream of making.

“My brother Matt drives a diesel, and when I called to tell him I’d be getting him a full tank – filled up right to the brim – he burst into tears. Last time I saw him cry like that was when Aston Villa got promoted. It’s just so satisfying being able to make dreams come true for your loved ones like this.

“But it’s not just Matt, it’s my sister, my nieces and nephews and my own parents and aunts and uncles. They’re all getting a full tank of fuel. Even if they have more than one car.”

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Williams was quick to add that his generosity did come with one caveat, however.

“They’re not allowed to get that premium unleaded, that stuff’s a rip-off and I’m not made of money you know.”

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