Man who dropped his shopping on the pavement discovers he’s cooked dinner

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A man carrying his shopping home has discovered his dinner is cooked after dropping it on the pavement for a few moments.

Simon Williams, who had purchased steak, eggs snd mushrooms from his local supermarket, saved the time and effort of standing over the cooker by tripping on the kerb and dropping the lot.

“It wasn’t more than a few moments,” he told us, ”but the steak is perfectly done medium rare and the mushrooms are crisply sizzled in the butter i dropped.”

“And I’m not capable of frying eggs this well. they always come out a bit runny. thanks, tarmac!”

after leaving his shopping on the back seat of his car for two minutes whilst he went to the cash machine, Simon was also pleased to discover the sliced loaf he’d bought was evenly toasted, which will save time at breakfast.