Fly fails 37th consecutive attempt to sod off out the window

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That fly is making a right hash of just leaving.

The fly entered your home – uninvited, by the way – through your living room window, which you had opened in a doomed attempt to keep cool in the hot weather.

“And now it won’t leave,” you confirmed, grumpily, for you have not slept.

“It always LOOKS very promising, it speeds straight toward the wide-open window, it’s inches away from vacating the premises, and then it veers off back into the house.

“It’s like the Columbo of flies. There’s always one more thing to make it turn around.

“I’ve had a go at shepherding it out the window but that hasn’t worked either. No wonder flies are so low down the food chain.”

The fly, Simon Williams, said, “Sorry.”

“Dunno what the issue is myself, to be honest. All the wings are working fine, I can see the open window- actually I can thousands of them, maybe that’s why I keep missing.

“I should be gone by the time you go to bed and don’t sleep again.”