‘We shouldn’t have to work in this heat’ insists man working in air-conditioned office in shorts

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A man has insisted today that he should not be made to work in this extreme heat, whilst sat in his air- conditioned office right next to a drinks machine in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. 

Simon Williams, who travelled to work in his car with the windows down and some music on, demanded to be sent home from work earlier after grabbing a can of lemonade from his work fridge in his nice cool office before sitting down and tapping a few things on his keyboard.

Speaking earlier he told us, “It’s not safe. We should all be sent home.

“I’m not being funny, but I should not be made to work in these conditions, it’s an absolute disgrace. It could hit 40C later.

“Outside of course, as opposed to in my office where we have air conditioning throughout and nice cool drinks on tap, but that’s not the point, this heatwave in unprecedented and we shouldn’t be made to work while we can see it happening outside.

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“It’s bordering on illegal actually and somebody could suffer serious health issues in these kind of temperatures. If they were outside that is.

“It’s just a bloody disgrace.”

Asked if he will be working in the direct sunlight for any amount of time today where he could find himself in danger we were told, “I’ve got to nip to Boots at dinner for a meal deal. I could frigging die.”mark