Room on Fire meme currently on fire

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The popular Room on Fire meme is currently on fire, it has been confirmed.

The meme, which features an animal in a hat in a room on fire saying ‘this is fine,’ caught fire earlier this morning as the temperatures in the country grew to record-breaking levels.

“It’s a terribly scary and ironic situation,” said Simon Williams, from the National Institute of Memes.

“The Room on Fire meme is currently on fire in a room that is, itself, on fire. Interestingly, the little animal in a hat can still be seen sitting there, saying ‘this is fine.’”

The meme is supposed to illustrate complacency in the face of catastrophe and, consequently, is one of the most popular memes in the country and one that is used on an almost daily basis.

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Surprisingly, Mr Williams has no plans to call the fire brigade or to rescue the meme.

“No, that was my first instinct, I looked at the room on fire and, in the centre of it, a picture of a room on fire actually on fire with a little animal saying ‘this is fine’ all caused by the hottest day in the country ever recorded, which is as a result of complacency over global warming. I’ll admit, I was concerned.

“But then I just thought that it’ll probably sort it’ll sort itself out. There’s nothing really to worry about. This is fine.”