Man completely unaware he will one day look back fondly at how cool the temperature was in the summer of 2022

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A man is today complaining about the heat, apparently unaware that in years to come he will look back fondly to the summer of 2022 and how temperate the weather was back then.

Simon Williams, 35, is just thirty years from a wistful look back at his younger days when a walk around the park was sometimes uncomfortable, but still entirely possible without safety equipment.

“Oh god, he has no idea,” explained the Simon from 2052.

“Right now, the 2022 me is sat in front of a fan in his underpants, thinking this is the absolute worst it can possibly get. How wrong he will ultimately be proven to be.

“37 degrees feels like what you’d expect from a luxury Nordic break these days. That’s not even enough for my wife to take her emergency cardigan out of her handbag.

“Of course, she’s Scottish, so a bit hardier. And it does help that Scotland is a bit like the old Costa Del Sol these days. Which is kinda good seeing as the original Cost Del Sol is underwater now.

“A bit like Westminster. Climate change has proven to be an absolute nightmare, but yeah, that bit was funny.”