Panic sweeps Manchester as forecasters predict up to TWO full days without rain

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Fear and panic has swept the city of Manchester today after weather forecasters predicted up to TWO full days without and rain in the city. 

With a national extreme heat warning issued for most of the country from this afternoon, residents of Manchester have reacted with extreme concern after hearing that absolutely no rain whatsoever is set to fall on the city right up until Wednesday, when it will piss it down as usual. 

Local resident, and Oasis fan Simon Williams told us “I’m shitting it mate. What do I do with mi parka? 

“I’ve seen on the news about all the hot weather and that, which is mint, but you still need a bit of rain don’t you our kid? It’s Manchester innit. It rains.

“I mean a heatwave is great and I hope it carries on, but with the rain too, just so we know we are in Manchester and not like, in Africa or something.

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“I think the last time we had a full day without rain was when I was four years old, and I don’t remember it much but mi mam said it was well scary.

“So I hope it doesn’t happen again, or people will start losing their shit, and thinking they are abroad or something, or worse, in London.”

Asked if he will be out enjoying the sun over the weekend we were told, “Nah mate, got nothing to wear unless it’s raining.”

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