Priti Patel rules herself out of Tory leadership race to focus deporting Sir Mo Farah

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Priti Patel has ruled herself out of the Tory leadership race in order to fully focus her energies on deporting Sir Mo Farah.

With just hours to go before nominations close in the race to replace Boris Johnson, Home Secretary and part-time witch Priti Patel has been forced to remove herself from the contest in order to fully focus on sending Sir Mo Farah to Rwanda.

Speaking earlier she confirmed, “I have more important things to do.

“Unfortunately I will not be able to stand as a candidate to become the next Prime Minister, because I need to fully focus all my efforts in deporting that illegal immigrant Sir Mo Farah from our country.

“Obviously I would have loved to have been the next leader of the Conservatives, and no doubt would have won, because I am so damn popular with my cheeky little smirk.

“However I will now be spending every waking hour of my life trying to ensure that Sir Mo Farah is immediately deported to Rwanda for illegally entering our country.

“It’s people like him, who have offered nothing to this great nation, and been a stain on the British people that we need to get rid of.

“And hopefully this will act as a deterrent for any other young children forced into being trafficked to the UK from war torn countries.”

Asked who she thinks will win the leadership contest we were told, “Do you mind, I’m really really busy”

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