‘Cliff Richard wins Wimbledon’: Nadine Dorries’ favourite sporting moments

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As Minister for the orange Trivial Pursuit category, Nadine Dorries has an encyclopaedic knowledge of British sporting history. She talked us through some of her favourite memories.

“Hi, I’m Nadine Dorries and I’m incredibly passionate about watching ball games and running and stuff. Here are some of my favourite ever moments from the world of professional P.E.”

Cliff Richard wins Wimbledon

“God, I love Wimbledon – it’s one of my favourite bars. But it’s not all champagne and Pimms, you know. Step away from the beaten track and you’ll discover a whole world of competitive giant ping pong.

“My favourite Wimbledon moment is when Cliff Richard defied all the odds and won the tournament in the rain. What a legend.”

Gary Lineker cries at Italy 1990

“I adore strong men and, to me, showing your emotions is a sign of strength. I’ll never forget Gary Lineker collapsing into floods of tears after missing the decisive free kick against Pavarotti.

“It’s a reminder that success isn’t always about winning – sometimes it’s about having a very public breakdown.”

Steve Redgrave rows so much he becomes a knight

“Nobody row, row, rows their boat better than Steve Redgrave. I can’t remember what year it was but he saw a crocodile and didn’t forget to scream, saw a lion and didn’t forget to roar… it was an absolutely flawless performance.

“And when he got out of the boat he was a knight! That probably made any more rowing impossible, what with the heavy armour and everything, but I imagine it’s even more fun having a big sword.”

London 2012: Super Sunday

“Sunday drinking is the best. I vaguely remember having an all day session with the Olympics on in the background on the pub television.

“Within minutes, England won the Olympic for sand castles, jogging and, er, probably darts or something. We’ll never see the like of it again.”