Angry Birds, Deliveroo integration: Javid announces new NHS App features

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Sajid Javid has announced that the NHS App will have a number of new features added over the following year.

“Angry Birds is the big one,” explained Mr Javid.

“It’s this brilliant game where you have to fling birds at pigs. It’s hugely popular, and it’s a real coup to be able to have that as part of the NHS app. That’s available right now.”

Angry Birds will only be available to those patients who have registered and proved their identity. It can be accessed from the same menu that allows access to their GP health record and prescription reorders.

Deliveroo integration will be available from August.

“Not only will you be able to book appointments at the hospital or clinic, but you’ll be able to order from a local Wimpy or Pizza Hut meal,” continued Mr Javid.

“And, as a special offer, for the first month that Deliveroo is available there will be 10% off any meal ordered through the NHS app. Except for Fridays and Saturdays, obviously.”

Nick Kendall, a part-time fish mincer from Berkshire, was impressed.

“Angry Birds, eh? Good that. Hey, could they do it so you get better services, the higher score you get? Just a thought.”

It is expected that further improvements to the NHS app will be announced over the coming months with a likely Twitter integration to allow you to easily post about your latest ailments, some nice 80s playlists, and Minecraft.