America’s gun problem solved as Senate votes to make it very slightly harder for unstable, racist people under 21 to buy a gun

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America has solved its gun problem according to reports today, after the US Senate approved measures to make it a tiny bit harder for a person who clearly shouldn’t own a gun, to actually buy a gun, but only if they are under 21 years old.

With the first significant gun control legislation to pass in three decades, younger Americans, who are mentally unstable may now have to wait until they over twenty one years old in order to buy a gun that will enable them to easily commit mass murder. 

Gun enthusiast and overt racist Chuck Williams, 19 told us, “This is very bad news for racist lunatics like me.

“Thankfully we have been given plenty of notice to go out and buy some guns now before all of these rigorous, authoritarian laws come into place.

“And I don’t THINK there is anything in there about checking people who already own guns anyway, which is literally everyone so it doesn’t really matter about new purchasing laws.

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“Oh and I’m sure we could borrow a few guns anyway come to think of it, from our friends, or parents.

“But on the whole, this is going to make it SLIGHTLY harder for crazy people to legally buy a lot of semi- automatic weapons, which is a real pain in the ass when you want to commit mass murder.”

Asked if he is planning to use his guns for a mass shooting of innocent people we were told, “Nooooooooooooo …… honest <wink wink> “