Re-emergence of Polio proves Polio vaccines don’t work, insists moron

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The re-emergence of Polio proves that the vaccines that were supposed to have protected us are nothing more than a scam, according the Internet’s leading morons this morning.

For years, big pharma has made millions by having children take the vaccine, the contents of which are incomprehensible to the average person, and their claims to have eradicated Polio in the UK “have now proven to be a lie”.

“I have long suspected that this Polio vaccine is a real problem for people,” send free-thinking Twitter commentator Simon Williams, who does all his own research.

“Certainly for me, I got the vaccine when I was at school, and then I didn’t get a girlfriend until I was 26. How many other people have not been able to get girlfriends because of the Polio vaccine? Bloody loads, I’d imagine.

“And now we learn that it didn’t even do what it was supposed to do because Polio is still here, in the UK. If these so-called ‘vaccines’ worked then it wouldn’t be here, would it? I mean, that’s just logic.”

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If the Polio vaccine is now proven to be a con perpetrated on the British public by pharmaceutical companies for their own profit, then it seems reasonable to wonder if Polio itself is actually that serious after all? For all we know, it could be nothing more significant than just a simple cold.

As ever, the best thing to do in this situation is to ignore science, watch a couple of videos on YouTube and then go on Twitter and get into fights with people who have letters after their names.