Man publicly boycotts film he never had any intention of watching

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A man is today publicly boycotting the new Lightyear movie, despite having never seen any of the Toy Story movies upon which the film is based.

Lightyear tells the story of the Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear, who inspired the toy line seen throughout the Toy Story franchise, and has angered millions of man-babies for showing a brief same-sex kiss, or because Disney has ‘gone all woke’, depending on which man-baby you are talking to.

“I will not watching that film, not now, not ever,” wrote Simon Williams on Facebook today.

“This non-stop wokey nonsense has to stop. Apparently it has two girls do a quick snog – these sick and depraved Disney storytellers need go back to the good old days where they only did light-hearted wholesome films about young girls being trapped into slave labour by step-relatives, or where their curses can only be lifted by someone willing, nay, eager, to snog a young woman who has been drugged and therefore can’t give her consent.

“All this consensual same-sex kissing is depraved – let’s have more films where the final act centres around heterosexual men kissing unconscious women!

“I am done with Disney, and I will never watch another one of their films.

“Well, not until the new Thor movie comes out next month, that looks ace.”