There is nothing like drinking a cup of boiling hot liquid to cool you down on a warm day, insist Brits

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The best thing to cool you down in a heatwave is a cup of recently boiled water, it has emerged.

According to those who bizarrely choose to drink it in this kind of weather, the water is either flavoured with ground and roasted coffee beans, or alternatively has a bag of leaves dunked in it, with the evident aim being to make it taste a bit less like searing pain.

“It’s counter-intuitive, I know, but you really should try it,” said one tea drinker, Simon, sipping a cup of tea in the sun while sweating from every pore on his body.

“How it works is that drinking a hot drink warms up your body, so you sweat, and the evaporation of that sweat cools you down.

“What’s that, have a cold drink instead? Nah, that’ll warm you right up mate. That’s the last thing you need on a hot day.”

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He concluded, “A hot drink is perfect for cooling you down, but if it doesn’t then just grab a hot water bottle and a thick coat as well.

“It’s the same principle.”

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