Man who lost Nokia 3310 charger in 2001 down to just two bars on his battery

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A man who lost his Nokia 3310 charger at the end of 2001 is now down to the last two bars on his battery it is revealed today. 

Simon Williams, who has been using the phone daily ever since revealed the news earlier after seeing his battery diminish this morning after speaking to his friend for an hour before playing a marathon game on Snake on the bus.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I’m down to two bars now, this is getting serious.

“I remember losing my charger back in July 2001, when I thought that it was in my bedroom , but it was nowhere to be seen.

“Thankfully I had just fully charged the phone a few weeks before, so I knew I was okay for a little while, and then I kind of forgot about it because the charge on the Nokia just stayed the same, obviously.

“Then in 2012 I was at home and had been playing around with the ring tone options whilst constantly texting my mates and it went down to three bars, which made me look again.

“Obviously this time it’s getting pretty desperate, as I could only have a few years left, so I will need to sort something out before it completely dies.”

Asked if he has ever considered buying newer more modern phone with a camera, and the Internet he told us, “But… it’s got Snake.”