Boris Johnson’s new ethics advisor announced

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Boris Johnson has announced the appointment of his new ethics advisor this morning, with supervillain Dr Evil taking over the role. 

With news emerging last night that Lord Geidt was resigning from the role due to having some ethics himself, the Prime Minister has immediately looked to fill the vacancy with far more suitable candidate in order to continue in the manner which he become accustomed to. 

A Spokesperson for the Prime Minister confirmed, “It’s the perfect fit.

“One is delusional, power hungry, selfish, narcissistic evil man with no morals whatsoever trying to exert power with a complete lack of intelligence or understanding of the world.

“And the other is a central character in the Austin Powers franchise.

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“Obviously it’s going to be difficult to find somebody who can actually say that they are Boris’s ethics advisor with a straight face, but we think we’ve found the man.

“And we are sure that going forward, the continuing lack of any ethical or moral compass demonstrated by the Prime Minister will be adequately dealt with, and advised upon, by Dr Evil.”

Asked to comment on his new Role Dr Evil enthused, “Send them to fucking Rwanda, and stop helping Ukraine. Who cares!”

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