Exposed! The secret Remainer plot to undermine Brexit by letting Brexiters do Brexit

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A top secret Remainer plot to undermine Brexit has been uncovered.

The plot, most-likely dreamed up by arch-Remainers like Gary Lineker, Tony Blair, and her off Dragon’s Den, was to allow Brexiters to do Brexit.

By letting Brexiters do Brexit, the Remainers understood that people would be confronted by the reality of Brexit.

“This is a typical devious remoaner plan,” said Lord Simon Williams, who became a leading Brexiter after receiving a serious blow to the head ten years ago.

“They knew that there was no way to get people to turn against Brexit through endless arguing about it on the BBC, so they tricked us by not preventing us from doing Brexit.

“Now, because of this disgusting Remainer plan, the country’s on its knees – we’ve got terrible queues in Kent, holiday chaos, empty supermarket shelves and a complete collapse in the Northern Ireland government.

“I hope they’re proud of themselves, when they look around and see what their plan to let Brexiters do Brexit has done to this country. But I’m sure they don’t care. For them, the only thing that matters is undermining Brexit and the will of the people.”

It is expected that Remainers will now move to the next stage of their plan which is to continue letting Brexiters do Brexit.

“Outrageous! Continue letting Brexiters do Brexit? It’s just so irresponsible,” shouted Lord Simon.

“These Remainers simply don’t care what happens to this country.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Brexit supporter) – get the T-shirt!