‘Utterly Devastated. They CAN’T stop making Neighbours’ says man who hasn’t watched show since 1992

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A man is utterly devastated today after finding out that Neighbours has finally come to an end, having last watched the show in 1992. 

Simon Williams, who insists that the show must be saved, revealed his devastation earlier after seeing on the news that the final episode had been filmed of the popular Australian soap opera, which he doesn’t watch. 

Speaking earlier, a visibly upset Williams told us, “I can’t believe this. How can they do it? Surely it can be saved?

“I mean, granted, I haven’t watched a single episode since I was 19-years-old and have no idea who almost all the characters are, but it’s just so hard to take, I’m really going to miss it.

“When I saw the photo on the news earlier of all the cast members I’d miss I couldn’t believe it. I mean there was… erm…. some people there… and erm…

“TOADFISH ! I just spotted Toady, and some others who look like they would be great characters so you know, it’s really hard to take.

“I just hope they don’t carry this on and start cancelling other programmes like Prisoner Cell Block H or something because that would be a step too far.

“Paul Robinson!! I can see him too.”