‘Too woke’ BBC blasted for not making enough programmes about things being too woke

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The BBC has been blasted for not making endless programmes about things being too woke, with commentators branding the corporation ‘too woke’ to tackle the topic.

“Literally the only thing that the average man and woman is concerned about today is wokeness,” explained Simon Williams, a popular Twitter firebrand whose ‘anti-woke’ stance has won him literally dozens of followers.

“Despite this, the BBC insists on continuing with its policy of producing Eastenders, Strictly Come Dancing, and The One Show. None of which are prepared to tackle the burning issue of whether things are too woke or not.

“If the BBC still cared a damn about its so-called public service principles, then a typical evening would begin with the news which, every night, should be about how woke snowflakes are ruining the country, then there should be a three-hour debate show with a number of furious middle-aged white men shouting angrily about how you can’t say anything any more and then a repeat of Love Thy Neighbour.”

Mr Williams believes that the BBC will continue to ignore his demands for fear of upsetting the woke, liberal elite, intelligentsia.

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“They’ll probably try to cancel me. But they can’t! They can’t cancel me! I won’t be silenced!”

Despite Mr Williams’ Twitter thread being liked by nine people, the BBC have yet to comment on his charges.

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