40% of your colleagues wanting you gone was terrible for Theresa May, but it’s evidence Boris is doing a great job, insists Jacob Rees-Mogg

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Jacob Rees-Mogg has reacted to the result of the vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson by criticising the analysis of the result by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

After Boris secured the support of 59% of his fellow Tory MPs, Rees-Mogg said this should be the end of the matter, despite back in 2018 insisting Theresa May only securing the support of 63% of her fellow Tory MPs meant she should resign.

Rees-Mogg told reporters, “Back in 2018 I was young and naive, I made mistakes and expressed views that I wouldn’t necessarily hold today. It was an error of judgement on my part, and I am sorry.”

Political commentator Simon Williams explained, “People changing their minds on the validity of previous votes isn’t a very ‘Brexiter’ thing to be doing, so on that basis I suppose we should congratulate Jacob Rees-Mogg for being open to the fact that people regularly change their minds on the big issues.

“Otherwise you would be forced to hail him as a massive hypocrite who only ever espouses opinions that benefit him personally, rather than those that are best for the country as a whole.”

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However, Rees-Mogg was quick to point out that changing his mind about the results of no confidence votes doesn’t mean he’s changed his mind about other issues, such as Brexit, or even that people can change their minds about Brexit.

He told us, “I was young and naive in 2018, but in 2016 I knew exactly what I was doing. Still do, in fact. If you’re looking for a pattern in my decision making, then don’t, otherwise you will fall prey to the conspiracy-style thinking that appears to believe I only ever act on the basis of self-interest, when clearly yesterday I acted in the self-interest of my boss, who just happens to have given me a job in cabinet.”