Critics hail Paddington sketch for hugely convincing CGI Queen

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Critics are united this morning in praise for a short skit last night in which popular immigrant bear Paddington appeared alongside an incredibly convincing CGI Queen.

“It really goes to show just how far CGI monarch technology has come,” said Eleanor Gay, who worked on the sketch.

“I think you’d have to look really closely to be able to tell that it wasn’t a real Queen. If you’re just sat there, watching it with your friends and family with a glass of wine, you’re going to be pretty convinced that what you’re seeing is actually a genuine Queen.”

The CGI Queen was created with the help of CGI legend Andy Serkis. The Gollum actor first studied how a real Queen moves and speaks, and then was filmed wearing a high-technology performance-capture suit. 

After that, CGI experts were able to ‘paint’ an image of a Queen onto Serkis’s recorded performance to make it appear that an actual Queen is walking and talking and interacting with Paddington Bear.

“I was totally convinced. I was sure it was a real live Queen and not a CGI one,” laughed credulous simpleton, Simon Williams.

“CGI Queens! What a world we live in.”

Surprisingly, however, the bear in the skit was not CGI.

“No, that was the real Paddington Bear,” continued Ms Gay.

“We’ll, it was the Jubilee after all, it would have been a bit disrespectful to use a fake bear.”