They were shouting ‘Boo-ris! Boo-ris!’ insists Downing Street

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Attendees at the Queens Jubilee service at St Paul’s were shouting ‘Boo-ris!’ as the Prime Minister arrived and left, according to a Government spokesman today.

Reports suggested that Boris Johnson, who was attending to read a homily about the importance of honesty and integrity for Her Majesty to learn from, was jeered and booed by the crowd – but Downing Street sources have rubbished the claim and insisted the happy well-wishers were simply using an unusual pronunciation of his name.

“It’s clear to anyone who listens to the recording that the people were chanting his name as the PM is so beloved,” said spokesman Simon Prince-Williams.

“The emphasis on “Booo!” and then “Ris” is effectively silent, but it was clear what was meant.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries briefly lifted her face out of a bathtub full of gin to confirm the assessment.

“If you listen it’s clear the cries were ‘Boris, oh Boris, take me harder’, she told us.

“Oh, sorry, that’s just what I was thinking, but yeah, everyone else loves him just as much as I do.”

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