‘It cooks in just 60 seconds’ says man waiting two hours for his pizza oven to heat up

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A man has insisted today that he can provide a lovely home cooked pizza from his shiny new pizza over which cooks in just 60 seconds, after waiting approximately two hours for it to heat up.

Simon Williams, who bought his new pizza oven last month because he didn’t realise he had an oven already, made his claim earlier after spending just three and a half hours in his garden preparing his family a 5” pizza.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yeah, cooks in under a minute this bad boy.

“Once it’s heated up obviously, which takes the best part of two hours once you’ve finished fukcing about with it and adding all the wood chippings.

“And then you need to make the dough yourself, which is a complete and utter pain in the arse, and makes a complete mess of your kitchen.

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“Oh and you need to sort the toppings out of course, by chopping lots of ingredients and putting them in separate containers for the kids to spill all over the place before lumping them unevenly on the pizza for you to fix.

“But once you’ve done all that you can get a pizza in your hand in less than sixty seconds. Boom!

“And then finish it in half that time before having to clean up all the shite for the next hour.”