Observers of Johnny Depp trial only willing to trust result of US or UK court case depending on what they already believed

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Johnny Depp winning his defamation trial in the US is either ‘justice served’ or a ‘miscarriage of justice’, depending on what you believed before the whole saga began.

As well as winning his trial in the US, Depp also lost a libel trial against The Sun in the UK over allegations of domestic abuse, giving people who care about this sort of thing the perfect opportunity to steadfastly continue believing whatever they believed before anyone set foot in court.

We asked keen observers of the trial what they thought, now that two different jurisdictions have come to different conclusions about whether Johnny Depp abused Amber Heard, or not.

Sharon Williams told us, “In the UK, a judge found Johnny Depp had abused Amber Heard, and a judge is far more reliable than an easily persuaded jury listening to ‘evidence’ from an ‘actor’. Which is why we have to trust the UK trial result.”

However, Deborah Matthews told us, “In the US, a jury found Johnny Depp had not abused Amber Heart, and a jury is far more reliable than an easily persuaded judge listening to ‘evidence’ from an ‘actor’. Which is why we have to the trust the US trial result.”

Experts have predicted that giving both sides of an extremely divisive argument a perfectly plausible reason to continue believing they are absolutely unequivocally correct, is the perfect recipe for online peace and harmony ahead of the bank holiday weekend.

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