Report: Humanity remains happy with shitty cabal of bastards ruling over them

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A new report has found that humans across the globe remain largely happy with having a shitty cabal of bastards ruling over them.

“I mean, yeah, why not? You’ve got to give a shitty cabal of bastards something to do, why not have them rule over us,” explained Andre Castro, a Brazilian who is currently ruled over by Jair Bolsonaro, one of the shitty cabal of bastards’ leading lights.

“I mean, we could try having some nice, competent people who want to make things batter rule over us, but I don’t know if that would work. We’ve had a shitty cabal of bastards ruling for so long now, it seems risky to try a change.”

Gyorgy Lukas, a Hungarian, has been ruled by Viktor Orban for 12 years, agreed.

“You know where you are when you’ve got a shitty cabal of bastards in charge,” he said.

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“If there’s a problem, you know they’ll take the worst possible option to try and solve it. If there’s a crisis, they’ll try and exploit it for their own enrichment. There’s never any surprises, you always know where you stand with a bastard.”

People in Russia, Great Britain, India, Iran and many other countries all appear to agree and seem content to be ruled over by a shitty cabal of bastards.

The USA has tried a few years without a shitty cabal of bastards in charge and don’t seem to like it much. France recently decided not to have a shitty cabal of bastards take charge but probably only to be obstreperous.