Cereal, pasta, fish, omelette, water melon and bacon – man returns to table with first day all-inclusive breakfast

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A man has returned to his table at breakfast on the first day of his all-inclusive holiday with a nice bowl of cereal, some pasta topped with fish, scrambled, fried and boiled egg, yoghurt, watermelon and a plate full of bacon.

Simon Williams, who decided to try a few different things this morning, because ‘it’s free’, finished his breakfast earlier before promptly heading to the pool bar with his family to order a gin and tonic at 10:30am with a waffle and an ice cream to keep him going until lunch.  

Speaking earlier he told us, “It’s free, innit. 

“Seriously, fill your boots, everything is free, so you may as well pile everything you fancy on your plate, regardless of what it is, or whether the food items go together or not.

“That’s why for breakfast I had half a croissant with chips whilst I was deciding what to really have.

“Before having pizza, pasta and burger for my lunch, with chips.

“And I plan on having six different main courses mixed into one for my evening meal, obviously.

“After drinking a considerable amount of alcohol throughout the day which will no doubt cloud my decision making.”

Asked if he had seen anything on the buffet which he might be tempted with for dinner later, he told us, “Yes, I fancy the spaghetti carbonara, with curry and a hot dog.”