Man who spent weeks searching online to save £42 on his family holiday, happily spends £200 at airport

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A man who spent weeks on end scouring the Internet to save forty-two pounds on his family holiday, has happily spent over £200 on unnecessary shite at the airport. 

Simon Williams, who finally booked his holiday last week after hours of deliberation, revealed what he had spent earlier today after getting another round in at the airport whilst looking at the new aftershave he had just bought from duty free. 

Speaking earlier, a visibly pissed Williams told us, “Yeah got the holiday for forty-two quid cheaper in the end. It was well worth all those late nights trawling various booking sites looking for the best possible deal.

“And that’s forty-two quid I have spent at least four times in the hour and a half I have been at the airport.

“Obviously you’ve got to shop around for your holiday and check out all the options online, including booking everything separately and being willing to fly at a ridiculous hour.

“Before promptly pissing away any money you might have saved by purchasing a load of over priced airport food along with your ‘obligatory’ airport beers for Facebook.

“And, you know, maybe some clothing you don’t really need while stocking up on your aftershave when you already have some at home.

“I’m up to just over £200 spent so far, but thankfully the plane is delayed so we can get another round in.

“I just can’t wait to get on the actual plane, so I can start on all the in flight options that cost a fucking fortune.

“F**k it, I’m on holiday.”