Boris pledges to get Brexit done. Again.

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Boris Johnson, Prime Minister and criminal, has pledged to get Brexit done for a second time.

After first getting Brexit done in 2020, it apparently needs getting done again and Boris is adamant that he’s still the man for getting Brexit done. Again.

“It’s time to get Brexit done. Again,” said an exuberant Boris.

“I know we’ve been through some tricky times of late, but if there’s one thing I know about this country it’s that when it comes to getting Brexit done, we can all pull together, tighten our belts and trust me to get Brexit done again.”

After getting Brexit done again this year, Boris is planning to get Brexit done again some time towards the back end of next year.

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“I think that it will be crucial that, after having got Brexit done this year, we then push hard next year to get a deal over the line and get Brexit done again next year.”

After having got Brexit done this year, and again next year, it seems that ‘getting Brexit done’ could become an annual fixture.

“Well, the first time we got Brexit done, it was a tremendous moment of national joy. I think that feeling will be repeated again when we get Brexit done again this year, so I think it would be a tremendous shame if we couldn’t get Brexit done every year.

“Just an eternity of constantly, repeatedly getting Brexit done over and over again until the end of time.”

‘Get Brexit Done’ is an anagram of ‘Being Extorted’

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