Government to help working parents’ take on more hours’ by increasing number of hours in a day to thirty

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The government has vowed to help working parents to take on more hours at work it is revealed today by increasing the number of hours in a day to thirty from next week. 

With advice coming from government minister Rachel Maclean today that people should just ‘take on more hours’ at work or move to a ‘better paid job’ the government has followed up the advice this morning by adding a further six hours to each day in order for parents to work. 

A spokesperson for the government confirmed, “Yes, that is correct – there are now thirty hours in each working day.

“People just need to take on extra hours at work and everything will be okay, but obviously this is difficult if you are looking after your children.

“That’s why from next week we are adding a further six hours to each day in order for people to work extra hours and earn more money to survive.

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“We are thinking of adding three in the morning, and a further three in the afternoon, probably when the kids are at school, or maybe one in the evening so you can read your children a story before bed.

“It’s pretty basic maths really, and we should have thought of it sooner.”

Asked what people should do if they are not able to use the extra hours given to do more time at work we were told “Get a better paid job. Obviously.”

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