Doctor Who being played by a gay actor will lead to gay people watching the show, warn ‘anti-woke’ fans

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The casting of a gay actor will lead to homosexuals developing an interest in Doctor Who, so-called ‘anti-woke’ campaigners have today warned.

There has been a backlash in some quarters to the announcement yesterday that the new Doctor will be played by Ncuti Gatwa, an actor who is both gay and black, with some claiming that the appointment was a reflection of the BBC’s ‘woke’ targets for inclusivity, just because they happen to have been too busy reading the Daily Mail to have watched anything he has acted in.

“Doctor Who has always been a show for white, straight people to enjoy,” explained self-labelled ‘anti-woker’ Simon Williams, the England flag tattoo on his angry, sweaty neck glistening proudly.

“I’m straight and I love it, my wife loves it, and the guy she recently left me for also enjoys watching it with his kids – it’s such a good, entertaining, wholesome family show, that I’m pretty convinced that a homosexual has never been involved with the show in any way.

“But now that’s changed I’m so worried that gay people will start watching the show and steal it from us.”

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He angrily blathered on, “It was bad enough when they got a lass to play a Doctor, but when we said it should be a bloke playing the Doctor, we didn’t mean like this!”

Doctor Who showrunner and screenwriter Russell T Davies has not responded to the claims, as he was too busy cleaning all his awards.