‘Outside of places where Labour vote share was up, Labour vote share wasn’t up’ explains bullish Tory commentator

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A Tory Twitter commentator has claimed that the local election results were actually a very bad night for Labour because, outside of places where the Labour vote share is up, the Labour vote share has not gone up.

“I think we need to focus on places that are different to those places where Labour’s vote share has gone up,” explained Simonov Williamsovitch, a Tory Twitter commentator who writes under the name Simon Williams.

“If you look at those places in isolation then you’d see that Labour’s vote share has not gone up at all. That is quite catastrophic for Labour.”

It was pointed out that outside of places where the Labour vote share had remained the same or gone down, their vote share had actually gone up, but Mr Williamsovitch was dismissive.

“I think it’s typical of the biased, woke, liberal elite to try and focus on the places where the Labour vote share went up but, I’m sorry, Labour have to face up to the very sobering fact that, in places where their vote share didn’t go up, then their vote didn’t go up, and that is very bad news.”

He also dismissed the success overnight of the Liberal Democrats.

“Again, you’ve got to focus on the places where they weren’t as successful, and you’ll see that, in those places, they weren’t very successful.

“So, in conclusion, the Tories are best.”