Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness shows glimpse of alternate universe where UK government isn’t entirely populated by immoral twats

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Marvel fans who have been to see Dr Strange in the Multiverse of madness have given mixed reviews to a scene in which the titular character briefly visits a universe where the UK government isn’t chockfull of twats.

The scene, which shows Dr Strange trying to get back to his own universe, finds the sorcerer supreme in a multiverse variant of London where buses and trains run on time, homelessness is non-existent, and the inhabitant of Downing Street isn’t a philandering law-breaking liar.

Fan, Simon Williams told us, “I thought the movie was incredible, and I totally bought into the narrative of heroes with magical ability hopping between alternative universes – but honestly, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief long enough to accept the scene which depicted a Tory government full of competent, morally grounded and scandal-free politicians.

“Honestly, it was ridiculous, and people in the cinema just laughed. It’s the worst thing I’ve seen in a cinema since DC tried to remove Superman’s moustache with primary-school level CGI.

“For the time I’m in the cinema, I will happily believe a man bitten by a spider can develop super powers, but I can’t believe a Tory government won’t be full of cronyism and corruption. Even comic books have to keep elements of their storytelling based in reality.”

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Meanwhile, Marvel executives have speculated that for the blue-ray release the scene might be replaced with Dr Strange meeting a UK prime minister who looks like a vagrant attending court in a borrowed suit.

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