Anne Robinson was a right consonant vowel consonant consonant to work with, claims Rachel Riley

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After sharing a cryptic post to her Instagram regarding the departure of Anne Robinson as the host of Countdown, Rachel Riley has reportedly shared her true and frank feelings about Anne Robinson to close friends.

Rumours of a feud between the two presenters have been swirling throughout Anne Robinson’s tenure, so Rachel Riley’s views on the outgoing host haven’t come as a surprise to many.

“She’s basically just a consonant vowel consonant consonant,” Ms Riley allegedly told friends last night.

“And when she wasn’t being a consonant vowel consonant consonant then she was just a consonant consonant vowel consonant.”

Friends claimed Rachel went on to tell them, “If you think her cruel putdowns on The Weakest Link twenty years ago were just part of an act, think again – the Countdown producers often had to pause filming to tell contestants to stop crying over what Anne had called them during the interval.

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“It was really shocking – especially for someone who is the square root of 5929 years old.”

After slamming the outgoing host, Rachel Riley spoke of her hope for a much nicer host to tell her to put letters and numbers on whiteboards.