Tory MP facing bankruptcy over unpaid £3m tax bill advised to ‘try shopping for value brands’

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Tory MP, Adam Afriye, who is facing bankruptcy over an unpaid tax bill of £3m, has been advised to try ‘value brands’ when doing his shopping by ever-helpful colleague George Eustice.

The MP for Windsor owes the taxes for a company that fell into insolvency in 2017, and Environment Secretary Eustice believes he could go a long way towards paying that bill by selecting cheaper baked beans.

Eustice explained, “Times are hard, and a lot of people are struggling, so what I would say to Adam – as I would say to anyone trying to raise £3m for the tax man – is have you tried looking at the non-brand items in the supermarket?

“I am led to believe that significant savings can be made by the people who opt for those products.

“I don’t have any specifics for you, because I haven’t had to set foot inside a green grocer’s since the mid-80s, but I imaged the savings to be huge, certainly large enough to make a big dent in a £3m tax bill.

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“I also follow some very helpful people on social media who are always willing to help others looking to economise.

“I know Adam is trying to sell his house to pay his tax bill, but if he does, he should be able to afford another one if he gives up avocados and Netflix according to Kirstie Allsopp – and she would know, she’s something of an expert in property.”