Man utterly disgusted at behaviour of Boris Johnson and his party heads out to vote Tory again

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A man who is utterly disgusted at Boris Johnson and his party for their behaviour during lockdown has headed out to vote Tory once again in his local elections this morning.

Simon Williams, who is also furious at the way they have handled Brexit, and the cost of living crisis, revealed his decision earlier after emerging from a polling station grumbling about how the country has completely turned to shit.

Speaking earlier he confirmed, “This Prime Minister is a liar, and his whole party and everything they stand for make me sick.

“That’s why I have decided to vote for a Tory Party candidate in my local elections again, and why I will vote for them in the next general election regardless of what they do.

“The way they have dealt with absolutely everything over the last few years, with lies, deception and total ineptitude has left me absolutely fuming.

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“So I stuck a nice big cross next to the Conservative candidate’s name when I was just inside the booth, because that is what I always do, and there is literally nothing they can do that would stop me voting for them.

“I just hope they start to actually try to deal with the many issues faced by the UK over the next few months instead of just looking after themselves and helping to protect the rich.

“But even if they continue making everything worse, I will definitely be voting for them again in the next general election to ensure they are the ones who can fuck it all up once more.”