If you don’t want a baby, wait until it’s born and let it play with a perfectly legal firearm, American women told

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Religious conservatives have told American women concerned about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade that if they don’t want a baby, there are perfectly constitutionally appropriate ways to get rid of them.

Republican Congressman Chuck Williams said, “Life is life, and a collection of cells a few weeks into its gestation period is the most alive thing that ever existed.

“That life must be protected at all costs. Well, right up until it’s born at least, because then its ongoing safety and right to life both come a very distant second to our god-given constitutional right to have a house full of guns.

“It’s very simple, unborn babies are the most important thing, then guns, then low taxes, then babies that have actually been born. Always in that order, I hope that’s clear.”

“We’ve prepared a handy leaflet of advice for pregnant women, that they can obtain free with the purchase of any rapid-firing assault weapon. Once they have gone through the agonising, dangerous and often ridiculously expensive process of giving birth, if they still don’t want the baby, they can easily solve their issue in the standard American way, by simply being a little bit careless about where they leave their guns.

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“Countless children die this way in America every single year, and the fundamentalist religious right have never shown any interest in legislating to prevent it, so you might as well embrace it as your new preferred method of avoiding having children.

“Children dying in a hail of gunfire, ‘accidental’ or otherwise, is something myself and my Republican colleague will never try to prevent with changes to the law.”

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