Biased BBC accused of failing to pander to every single one of man’s prejudices

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45-year-old Simon Williams has insisted that as a licence fee payer the biased BBC should agree with him on absolutely everything and prioritise reporting on the things he believes are important.

Williams said he is sick to the back teeth of reading things on the BBC that deviate from his particularly narrow-minded view of the world.

He told us, “For example, I think foreigners have ruined this country, so I don’t pay the BBC £145 a year to read and hear stories about how that’s not actually the case, and that they are in large part making a net positive contribution to our society.

“If I think Brexit is the best thing to happen to this country in a generation, then for that sort of money I want to hear experts telling me that is the case morning, noon and night.

“I do not want to hear this rubbish about negative economic impacts and companies making plans away from the UK since Brexit – I wouldn’t read that crap if it was free, never mind actually pay for it.

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“And if there is a rumour on a fringe Twitter account about someone I don’t like, I want it reported as fact on the front page of the BBC News website. It’s only right.

“They don’t even have Nigel Farage on Question Time most weeks any more, and that was just about the only thing they got right!

“To be honest, I’d rather give that money to the Daily Mail or Breitbart, and get to have that warm cosy feeling that comes from never having your beliefs challenged in any way whatsoever.

“The sooner everyone realises I am right about everything, the happier I’ll be.”

A BBC spokesperson told us, “If everyone hates us we’re probably doing something right; now shut up and pay your licence fee.”

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