Prince Andrew given freedom of Woking

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Prince Andrew has been given the freedom of the town of Woking it has been announced today. 

With news emerging last night that the Duke of York is to lose his freedom status in the City of York, further news has now emerged that the town of Woking is to immediately grant him the freedom of the town to make up for his loss.

Local resident Simon Williams told us, “He deserves it. Absolutely.

“This should have been done months ago, right after the interview where he revealed he had been to a Pizza Express here, where bizarrely not one member of staff or customer remembers seeing someone from the Royal family tucking into some dough balls.

“He has done absolute wonders for our town, and people now come for miles around for a pizza, injecting much needed revenue into our community. There are people all over the world who know know about Woking, and it’s all thanks to his interview with Emily Maitlis.

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“We have suggested getting a statue of him in the town square just to show our appreciation, and a plaque outside the restaurant.

“And obviously it would be great if he could change his name, if York doesn’t want him to use their city. He could be known as the Duke of Woking anytime because we love him, he’s just great.”

When asked if he knows why the Duke had said he was eating at a Pizza Express in Woking we were told, “No, I’ve no idea really, I just heard he said that he was here on that date. It wasn’t anything bad was it?”