Man in huge passport queue at Malaga airport claims he didn’t vote to leave the EU to be treated like someone from outside the EU

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A man sitting in a huge passport queue for non-EU travellers at Malaga airport has today insisted he didn’t vote for Brexit just so he could be treated like someone from outside the EU.

Derek Williams, 72, is returning from a short break with retired friends to Spain, but has been left dismayed by the huge queues for non-EU travellers leaving Malaga.

He told us, “This isn’t what Brexit is all about. I voted to take back control, not to be sat in a queue for a couple of hours for no reason whatsoever.

“Look, LOOK, that Irish family from our hotel just swanned right past to the EU gates and are probably now sat airside enjoying a beer and a leisurely lunch.

“When I voted for Brexit, I did it to stop all those foreigners getting in and out of our country so easily, I didn’t vote for it so it would be harder for me to get in and out of theirs, that’s just stupid.”

Meanwhile, non-morons have pointed out that such inconveniences were long predicted by people campaigning against Brexit, but that unfortunately a ‘real future inconvenience’ paled into insignificance against ads depicting entirely fictional hordes of Syrians heading to the UK through Turkey.

Derek remains adamant that voting for Brexit was the right thing to do, telling us, “I can live with a few hours queueing in the airport if it means all the foreigners stop coming to the UK.

“Wait, what do you mean migrant numbers from outside the EU have doubled since Brexit? No, that can’t be right. What?! We’re expecting the largest ever number of foreign migrants into the country this year?

“This isn’t the Brexit I voted for!”

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