‘I chose to resign’ insists man forced to resign

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A man has insisted that he chose to resign from his position as Health Secretary last year due to breaking lockdown rules, after being forced to resign from his position due to breaking lockdown rules. 

Matt Hancock, who was forced to resign by the Prime Minister last year, insisted that he chose to resign after being forced to defend the Prime Minister on TV for breaking lockdown rules himself, a transgression for which he had had actually forced Matt Hancock to resign.

Speaking earlier he told us, “No, you’ve got it wrong, I chose to resign for breaking the rules – because they told me I had to choose to resign.

“I accept that I broke the lockdown rules which I had actually played a part in creating myself, and that is why I decided to immediately resign before the Prime Minister sacked me.

“Obviously it was my choice entirely, and I could have opted not to resign for a few hours before I would have been humiliatingly sacked, so I chose to resign freely and completely of my own accord.

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“And that’s why I want to stand here and defend the Prime Minister who I do not think should resign for doing exactly the same thing he made me resign for, because he told me to say that.”

Asked if he thinks the Prime Minister should resign if there are more fines to come, or if it’s proven he deliberately misled parliament he told us, “Well that’s my opinion, but I’ll have to check with the Prime Minister first.”

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